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Ever since Sept.11 + the time the flights were grounded afterwards, I have felt the need to say a little prayer for the airplanes that I hear or see in the air. I worry for each pilot and pray for their safety and carefulness in guiding the flights.

I do believe that the flights are taking off with a less sharp flight pattern because I can hear them SO much better as they take off. They are louder, I swear. Yes, I do live 10 minutes from PDX, so I’ve always heard them, but I feel like I hear every one of them now. The one I just heard felt like it came right over my apartment.

Maybe when I fly next, I’ll be able to tell what the change is - maybe they are all taking off towards the gorge and so they are closer to my house smile


That’s interesting. O"hare is rather close to the city of Chicago, so we are constantly seeing & hearing planes. Both at work and home. I keep telling my husband that I think they are flying lower than they used to, he says no. He’s probably right, because before 9-11 I never even noticed the planes and if I did see one I wouldn’t of thought anything of it.

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