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Friday Five: 110201

Heather’s Friday Five:

1. Do you eat breakfast? What did you have today? Yes. I didn’t used to, but in the last 6 months, I’ve started again. Now i can’t do without it. I normally eat a big bowl of raisin bran with 1% milk. Sometimes I add on an eggo if I’m really hungry.

2. What beverages do you usually have in a typical day? A glass of water in the morning, a cherry coke first thing @work, a large water bottle of water throughout the day, a sprite or safeway punch for lunch, and then either juice or another sprite for dinner. I’ve been cutting down on the caffeine to only have one can a day. And I used to not drink this much water in a week, moreless a day!

3. White bread or wheat bread? butter-top wheat is the best, although my breadmaker country white is perfect.

4. What’s your favorite kind (potato/tortilla/corn) and flavor of chip? I am not a huge chip eater. I typically go for baked lays cheddar cheese/sour cream ones. Or corn chips for nachos

5. How do you plan to spend your weekend? Buy a freezer on Saturday! Best Buy has 10% off major appliances this weekend! Then, buy lunch meat and other vegemeat @the ABC for E on Sunday. Everything else will revolve around that. I might buy Shrek when we are at Best Buy. I need some rest, because my headache just isn’t going away. I need to do laundry pretty badly, and my housework is getting behind. I’m gonna try and finish up a few things web-related (new design, 2 graphics sets, +more always)

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