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catching up on tv

Although I did try last night, I just have been too worn out to keep up with all of my shows this week. I know, I shouldn’t be so ambitious in wanting to watch all of the buffy shows, but why did FX have to put it on TWICE a night? I haven’t been getting home till 6ish, we eat dinner, and I go to bed before 8. The time span in between doesn’t leave much time to get through anything.

We made it through Buffy: Innocence and Buffy: Phases, and NEW Buffy: All The Way, and NEW Angel: Buffy. I half-way watched the Halloween episode again on Wednesday, but didn’t watch anything else that night.

SOOOooo, I still have Roswell: Secrets and Lies, Friends, Buffy: Bewitched, Bothered, and Bewildered (T), Buffy: Passion (T), Buffy: Killed by Death (Th), Buffy: I Only Have Eyes for You (Th), Buffy: Go Fish (F), and Buffy: Becoming I (F)

And yay, I just found a webpage for Roswell: Crashdown! I can’t wait to go through this some more.

So I’m gonna be catching up a bit this weekend smile It’ll be fun smile

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