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dinner plans

Would you like to know what I’m eating tonight? Dinner with my boy!

I have fresh bread that should be starting to cook in my breadmaker.

Spaghetti noodles are waiting to be cooked

And the spaghetti sauce is just waiting to be warmed up.

Doesn’t it sounds nice? Would you like to come? Just bring me some salad, and we’ll have a delightful meal together smile

After dinner, we’ll have a delightful time watching Angel (That Old Gang of Mine) from last night. And then tonights rerun of Buffy (Prophecy Girl - the last episode of Season 1). And for the great finale, we’ll see the new episode of Buffy (After Life). I’ll be taping Roswell, because I can’t stay up that long. But its the season premeire. Yay!

I sure like having my evenings all planned out. Especially when they are Tuesday evenings and I have Wednesday to look forward to the next day smile


You get to watch Buffy! I miss watching Buffy with my friends. It’s so weird not having a Tuesday night show anymore. At least I’m getting Kate into it, kinda. Oh, well. I needed to study tonight anyway, I guess.

Sounds like a nice evening... I made spaghetti here last night!

So, what’d you think of the Roswell premiere??

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