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american girls

Oh, I forgot to mention one of the highlights of my thursday this week! My secretary had her daughter, Caley’s, Christmas present shipped to work. And it came on thursday morning, and we had to take it out and play with it. Annette splurged and picked out Kirsten for Caley, because she thinks that she’s old enough now to take care of a nice doll.

I’ve ALWAYS wanted an American girl doll. I read all of the books (for the original 3 dolls, at least) when I was that age... My favorite of the stories was Samantha. She grew up in a victorian era, and has a beautiful Christmas dress, and her stories intregued me the most smile And then, I liked Molly, too - much of my war-time knowledge comes from her books smile

Right before E moved up here, I had picked out the doll I was going to buy for me. Yes, I had wanted one for 10 years, and I finally had the money, so I was going to get one, and get a beautiful stand for her, and change her clothes for special events and brush her hair and everything. Laugh if you want ;) I had decided on a Today girl, because I could get one with dark brown hair, green eyes, and light skin just like me. And then I could pick out dresses from the real American girls, like Molly’s Green velvet Christmas dress. smile But then E moved in, and I felt silly spending money on it when I was supporting the both of us for a while while he found a job. So I didn’t.

But I love them. Seeing Caley’s this week makes me want one even more. I’m still a little girl in my heart, and would love to play with a doll. smile And its so many years until I’ll have little girls old enough to buy one for! smile



I completely forgot about the AG dolls. I had Samantha, she was my favorite out of any of the girls. She’s definately something that I’m saving for when I have a little girl.

And I want one of those girls of today dolls. Fair skin, red hair, blue eyes. And clothes from Samantha and Felicity. And the recital dress and little violin. Because I love those dolls. smile smile smile

Yay for Caley! Kirsten was my first AG doll.

You should buy a today girl now! They really are pretty to display, if nothing else. (Of course, they’re fun to play with too. ) I’m still looking for a place for Kit in my room here! Maybe I need another shelf...

COMPROMISE! They have these tiny little dolls now with a minature book - I picked up a Molly doll at Barnes and Noble for my niece....

I still get the AG catalogs. I feel silly buying one now, but I still want one! I used to beg my mom for one, but I never did get it. sad I want Felicity. I have a few of her books, but I want the doll and all her clothes and accessories. I would dress mine up for different occassions, too, hehe smile

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