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although I really like the colors of the skin for Seasons of Change, I miss having some of the pieces of my blog on the main page. Like my play list (currently on the about page if you are running the halloween or seasons of change skins). But I like these colors!!!

So maybe between making some linkware and making beautiful things for S, I’ll make myself a new skin that is a modification on what I have up on Seasons right now smile Or maybe I’ll make something all together new.

Basically, I’m just babbling. I’m trying to keep from working too hard ;)


I like the Seasons skin (it’s the skin I have selected) and while I missed your playlist, etc the "light" look is nice too - I focus more on your words then and know to go look on the other pages for the rest. Matter of fact, that is what inspired me to finally break up my include file into smaller pieces so I could do the same thing - some skins have more now, and some less, and next weekend I will make "full" pages - like an "everything" page with all of the includes, links, and everything else I can think of!

I agree with Christine. I’m using the 'Seasons' skin, and I rather like it. I know I can find your other info if I need to, but for the moment, I’m reading what’s important... to me, anyway.

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