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a trip away :)

away from the playstation, that is ;)

We made it out of the house, and had DELICIOUS food. SOOO very good. And we went to the office store, and I got PURPLE hanging folders for my file cabinet. I’m so cool ;) And new jeans and some little gifts and even orange nail polish for halloween. Way cool smile Althought I might paint my nails and then send it to Megan LOL! They’d have fun with it smile We didn’t go grocery shopping, but its okay, E has to go in a bit early in the morning, so we’ll go after work when my ankles not sore from already walking around.

We talked about Christmas, which was a good start. I would rather start planning than stressing about not planning. And its been two Christmases since he’s been with his family. So, I’m hoping that we can plan so we can spend a bit of the holidays with my family. I was thinking about it - if any of my siblings wasn’t able to make it for Christmas but would be there a few days before or a few days after, I’d be making some change in plans for them. We’d have our Christmas early or late, if I could at all help it. BUT, I’m reluctant to ask them to do that for me. I can already hear Leonard (and maybe Lisa) griping (but he doesn’t actively participate in the holiday anyhow, he hasn’t gotten presents for anyone for at least 4 years). I don’t know, we’ll see how it works out - I’ll talk to Meg when she’s home next time. She’ll help me figure it out, whether it works out for me or not. I trust her smile

I got to talk to Megan for a while on the phone when we got back. I miss her so much some days, and getting to talk to her really helps. And I know it helps her too. She’s so busy, and I worry about her because she’s not having time to study and work - A&P is so hard for her and she really needs to bring up her grades. So she may not work the rest of the quarter, and then I’m not sure how she will be able to pay for school. :sigh: I wish I was in a better place to help her financially. I can help some, in a pinch, but I can’t promise the world when its something that E and I are working hard to save up. But I *will* send her some spending money in her package smile That I can do smile

Okay, now its time to work on some projects. I’m gonna accomplish something before bed, I know I must smile smile smile


I LOVE Red Robin! Yum yum, sounds like you had a nice time smile I need to remind Troy to take me there, and soon!

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