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seasons a'changin'

Ya know how I can tell that fall is here? My lips are getting all dry with the season change. I’m putting on chapstick like every 30 seconds and its still not enough! But then, my fingers are pretty swollen right now, too - and I’m not sure if that’s related - I can’t even get my rings off right now!!

The leaves are all turning colors (well, as much as they do in the NW - we have lots of evergreens, so we always have a certain amount of green in the mix!), and the rain is becoming more constant. Its necessary to wear shoes instead of sandles, and I’m having to dig out my long sleeve shirts.

I like Spring much better than Autumn. But some of the beautiful crisp non-rainy autumn days are gorgeous. smile


have you been drinking your water like a good girl?

both of those things are signs of dehydration - so drink up! smile

ahhh, maybe that’s it. I haven’t been doing so hot w/my water, lately. I’ll go finish my bottle during the rest of the afternoon - thanks for the reminder!!!!!! smile You are super cool!!!

Go get Burt Bees lip balm—it’s the BEST! Once a day and I’m set... When we go back to OK and leave the FL humidity, I couldn’t live without it!

oooh, i didn’t know that about the dehydration...maybe i should start drinking more water. my bottom lip feels like it’s splitting apart every time i open my mouth somewhat wide. i’ve been rubbing blistex on it over and over, heh.

ugh. i know what you mean about the chapped lips. i use softlips, and it lasts for all of thirty seconds before i have to reapply. and whenever i open my mouth to sing, the bottom lip splits.... and when that happens, i start to chew on it. not good.

i drink plenty of water though... i just went through two bottles in two hours, and i’m staring on my third liter bottle right now.

Did you know that a lot of different lipbalms have ingredients that dry out your lips. If you over use lipbalm or chap stick it can actually make your lips worse.

I’m using Softlips, which actually has active ingredients to help "temporarily protect chapped or windburn lips". It really does help. I think that the season change does have something to do with it, because always between seasons, I have a bit of a time adjusting to the weather, and this is one of the ways it shows itself. I’ve started keeping my softlips right on my keyboard so I use it as frequently as possible. And ya know what? between that and the water, the cracks in my lip aren’t so deep, and so I’m not chewing on them (which I do too, Cor!) So yay for softlips, french vanilla, that smells delicious and feels like its working, and is a fun size smile

I wonder if Carmex dries your lips out? I have been using it daily for the last 10 years. That can’t be good for it. I might have to try that Burt’s Bee balm though.

On another note, fall is my favorite season and then spring. I love the smell of the autumn air and the leaves turning colors and crinkling under my feet. It’s just always been my favorite time of year. Probably because it’s right before the holidays as well! wink