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Oh, according to MSN WomenCentral / Fitness and Health:

"That said, I believe that it’s perfectly okay to snack during the day, and it may be the only way you can eat if you can’t get away from your work place."

This article also recommends things to eat - raisins, cottage cheese (a bit harder to eat at my desk!), baby carrots - good info all around smile


That article is a good one - it backs me up on my whole snacking theory smile Other good snack ideas are yoghurt, pretzels, baked chips, reduced-fat crackers, a small fruit salad, stuff like that... which I’m sure you know but I like to give suggestions and hints & tips. It’s one of my annoying habits wink

I loooove cottage cheese.. we have this yummy Michigan Brand fat free cottage cheese that’s the best I’ve ever had. The problem is, I could easily sit down and eat the whole container!! ;)

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