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cable movies

There are a lot of good movies on today!!

  • Coming to America is one that my family giggles over every time its mentioned smile I’ve seen it hundreds of times! Comedy Central: 10:30AM, 5:30PM

  • Back to the Future is another one I’ve seen hundres of times and still love smile TBS: 2:30PM

  • Blast from the Past is one I heard so much about when it came out, and had so many people recommend it, but never got to see. I’d love to watch it. TBS: 5:00PM, 7:00PM

  • Starship Troopers - don’t laugh, its a fun movie! FX: 5:30

  • The Lake is a creepy thriller TV movie. I like the ones that have people I recognize from other places, and so this one was fun. I’ve seen it a few times, and it really caught my attention. Oh, it has Haley Joel Osment on it, too. Family Channel: 6:00PM

  • The Faculty is another thriller, but this time a real-movie one. I’ve only seen this the one time at the theater, but I’d like to see it again. First real look at Josh Hartnett for me, and I love Jordana Brewster. USA: 6PM

  • McHale’s Navy is a tee-hee-funny-movie smile Tim Curry is so silly, and this was the first time I saw French Stewart :giggle: Comedy Central: 8PM

  • Toy Story - Eeeeeh! I love it! This is one of *the* best movies smile Did I mention that we have an Alien Dude hanging from our rear view mirror?! I love this so much! And did you know that Joss was one of the writers? (the man I curse or smile at at the end of every Buffy!) ABC: 7PM - Wonderful World of Disney

  • Father of the Bride II Oh, another great movie. One of my favs with Steve Martin. And Kimberly Williams is delightful - her Relativity was one of my fav serieses until they cancelled it. TNT: 8PM

See, this is why I have expanded basic cable. These kind of movies are just a thrill to rewatch over and over. smile Of course, if I want to sit in front of my computer today, I don’t get to watch any of them (playstation), but maybe I’ll camp out downstairs for a while so I can see smile I will make E watch Toy Story, because that one is on at the end of the day smile


It always cracks me up that we have the exact same taste in television shows. I loooooooved Relativity with Kimberly Williams! I have loved her ever since the first Father of the Bride which I rememeber buying in preparation for my own wedding because I knew nothing about weddings and thought the movie would teach me something, which it did. She’s on that new show now with Jim Belushi and Courtney Thorne-Smith but the show isn’t that good. sad

I love "Blast from the Past" and "Starship Troopers!" They are both fun movies!

I think my son’s watched "Starship Troopers" about 100 times now; glad we have it on DVD!!!

Oooh! I love father of the bride II (and the first one). I caught the very end of it the other night, which bummed me out. I have the first one and I watch it all the time, but I don’t have the second one. just thought i’d share ;)

im looking for a movie called avalanche vally. seen parts of it last night and it looked really good but i had to go some where can you help me find what movie channel its on and what time,, thanks

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