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see meee

I have been feeling this deep need to be part of everything, and find some part of anything that I can take credit for. Why is that? I don’t know. For example. My dad came up with this great idea for a book with his rope samples in it. He had an idea, but didn’t have the details figured out. I got into Publisher and drew out some sketches and calculted it out, and after about an hour, I made some great templates. So he gets the book done, and I feel a need to tell everyone that I helped to. "See mee, I’m cooooool!" I’m like a 3 year old in my high chair throwing my rattle on the floor for attention. I just now got into S’s page and had to mention to E as I was typing a comment. "See meee, I’m cooool! I made neato form boxes and I like them!" Why do I need the attention? I get this proud feeling every time I go into Erica’s page. "See meeee, I’m coooooool!!" Its not necessary, its her spirit that makes the design great, I just really like to feel a part of something. So what did I do? I designed 3 peoples blog designs this month, just so I could feel cool. Yeah, that’s cool. Duh, Kristine!!! Anybody need a design?!


I think you need to teach me all sorts of CSS magic so you can feel cool... LOL And the joy of skins - I’ll take a blog design any day! I would be interested to see what you came up with. smile

Never had my own personal design before. That would be cool ;) You don’t need to show people what you’ve created to be thought of as cool though. You’re just cool being you. Your designs are just an extension of the inner coolness or something. hehe

i see you, and you ARE cool. indeed.

(((hugs)))) Yes, you are cool, sweetie!

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