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I think I’m gonna have a heart attack. or at very least, my head might explode.

I’m working so hard, and trying so much, but she just frustrates me SOOO much. The way she doesn’t understand what I’m talking about or even know how to ask the questions. She’s unable to work with me, I swear. She waited until the last second and now I’m gonna have to do tons of work for her. :sigh:

yes, my mom is the subject of my coniption fit

I can feel my heart tremoring in my chest, just her look makes me tremble with annoyance. my legs are bouncing overtime.

I find myself simply unable to describe what she does that makes me feel this way. And that’s more frustrating than anything.

Ugh, its back to the piles for me.


this is truly a "love note" smile


take deep breaths - breathe in, breathe out...

*big smooching hugs*

*huuuuuuuge hugs* to you girl.

when i get like that, the best thing i can do for myself is to take big deep breaths, and make myself a mug of peppermint tea. and a relaxing chick flick is always nice too.

i demand you start your mental health day early! smile

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