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press:play is now on my sidebar. If I’m listening to winamp, you’ll get a list of the songs I’m listening to right now smile I don’t have any of the mp3s uploaded yet, but I have plans to get some of them there so you can join in my fun smile

I’m so proud of myself for figuring it out - the instructions weren’t so easy to figure out, and I was way lost... but I played for a few hours yesterday and a few more today, and woo hoo, it worked smile

Is this something any of you are interested in watching? I’m gonna probably do a few more things with this (like a list of all of the songs that are currently in rotation for me, and maybe some links to author sites) I’m really enjoying learning about new artists, and several of my silveringrid friends have been helping greatly on getting me into the girl-rock knowledge smile Yay!


Hey Kristine...Cool idea...not sure if you noticed that hiding on the bottom...Its cool seeing what kinda of music everyone listens too.

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