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Wouldn’t this make the perfect going out outfit? velvet broomstick skirt and embroidered Organza shirt

I wonder if I could pull off the ribbon trimmed babywale pants - I’ve always wanted something like this. Maybe I’ll have to get my fashion advisor to look at them ;) (hi Megan!)

I like it when people (read: jjill!) do cross promotions - I got a magazine in the mail today and an email, too smile I wish GB would do more promotions!!!


I love J. Jill clothes! I keep telling myself that someday I’m going to really splurge and buy myself a bunch of stuff from the catalog. I probably won’t, but I love looking through it!

That would be a bEEutiful outfit! Especially w/your long dark gorgeous hair! :o)

Hey, those pages look like a secret sale you know about b/c you’re a customer. If I found something and tried to buy it, would that be okay? Or would that put you on the JJill bad girl list for sharing sale URLs or something?? :o)

Carol, I love this stuff, but haven’t found anything I could rationalize yet smile

And Christie - I thought it would be a perfect outfit smile Now I just need a reason to buy it for ;)

Go ahead and buy from that link - they sent me an email with the links because I had signed up to get the catalog smile I don’t think they’ll ban me from the sale for sharing links ;) You are cute!!!

What a gorgeous outfit, Kristine! I can definitely see you in something like that. Go get it! The pants are cute too, but the name... babywale? I hope they don’t mean "you’ll look like a baby whale in these pants" LOL!

(Not like you could ever look like a whale, even if you tried! A funny name for pants though)

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