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worn out

Nothing new, fridays are way tiring for me. I feel really worn out, mainly because I didn’t get much rest last weekend. I’m somewhat anxious about today, but I can’t quite put my finger on why. My legs are bouncing at an unprecidented speed!

I woke up feeling kinda failure-ific. There are so many things this week that I didn’t even have time to think about doing. I laid on my couch to try and just sit and breath, but I couldn’t make my brain stop working and thinking about things I wasn’t working on.

I need the weekend to regain my composure. I’ll use it wisely, I promise. I just must make it through today with strength and courage. smile


I’m feeling so hyper today. All I can attribute it to is the coffee I had this morning (not a usual thing for me), but could it really have lasted this long? I’m bouncing all over the place, too.

Here’s to a relaxing weekend.

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