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afternoon projects?

What would I like to be doing this afternoon?

* Making a new design for Alie, who is so sweet and wants a new look so badly. I started on this at lunch with a super cool idea, but we’ll see if I have time to cut it up, and if she even still wants one!! If not, it’ll be new linkware!

* Skim throught the ABC catalog for presents I’d like to buy for Christmas, and new things that I need. I started this at lunch, too.

* Eat the rest of my lunch popcorn smile

What will I do this afternoon?

* Enter in bills and inventory that we received this week.

* Not payroll. But I do need to get some payroll on time excuse cards made. Mom’s taking over the job now smile

* Make a new production sheet so there’s a fresh one for Monday morning

* Adjust the 3/8" spruce nylon so that it matches the actual count

* Create a Low Inventory Inquery form, per dad’s request.

Hmm, I don’t know if that’s too many jobs, but those are the main things, and I feel better writing them down smile


ahhh Kristine! You’re so awesome! *HUGS*

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