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saturday, part 3

Its just delightful to relax and play and dawdle around so much that you loose track of what time it is.

By the time we got showered and ready to go our, it was almost 5. So we went to Sweet Tomatoes, where I ate tons and tons of delicious food, and sat and talked about my closet project and holiday plans. Headed over to the theater, and we were just in time for the last matinee showing of O. It was wonderfully acted, even though I was sad by the end. I knew nothing about Othello, on which it was based. I love Julia Stiles - she has this amazing gift of expressing something with her face very well - and a great chemistry with whoever she acts with. And Mekhi Phiffer and Josh Hartnett are amazing as well. I wouldn’t see the movie again, probably, but it was good.

Our plan was to go to Fred Meyers and start purchasing closet stuff, but it was after 7, so we decided to head home. I had started my computer defragging, because it had never been done, and its acting up, and it wasn’t done... so we played some Crash Bash on the playstation together for about an hour smile Computer playing time, surfing, helping fix a bug on si, and some wonderful chats with rina-doll and the beautiful zalary. what a nice content way to finish the day smile

I’ve been up for a few hours, but I played here for a while, and then decided that I wanted to sit downstairs and read SARK for a while. I did that for a while, and then took a nap. Because naps are good. And when I woke up, I watched the sunshine out the window and just laid there. Its so nice to do that. smile

I’m happy. I like saying that smile

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