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changes changes everywhere...

Okay, last week, I changed hosts, right? I’m still trying to get all of my files back up from that - I don’t have everything fixed yet. I’ve been almost in tears over here because my computer keeps crashing while I’m working on it. So E finally said one more time that I should just reformat. I finally was like... okay. Let’s do it. So I’m sitting in front of a clean system. Only the bare essentials are here right now. I’ve been up for an hour, and it hasn’t even crashed!! smile

But I hate change, and I hate not having everything where I want it. Its hard to have both things changing at once because I’m afraid it will overwhelm me. But I won’t let it. I’m just gonna make a list and upload and download and get it all worked out. Because I’m working two days. Then a break. Then two days. Just two days, that’s easy schmezy. I can make it, and I’ll have Wednesday to get my mind in order smile And my computer. And my closet. And other stuff. But with no pressure, I have many wednesdays to come smile

So changes aren’t hurting me as much as I was worried they would. I am getting there!

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