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911 ?

Where were you when you heard about the World Trade Center and Pentagon Crisis?

Do you realize that now we could be hearing that for many years since we are now a part of history?


I was at work. Had just gotten there when I heard of the first plane crash. It’s just sickening and brings me to tears. May everyone stay safe and may the families and friends off all those hurt or killed find peace tonight in spite of this horrible act of terror.

how weird, i was going to post the same question at my site. anyhow.

i was asleep. my mom called me at 8am to ask me if i was watching. that’s when i saw. and that’s what i’ll always remember.

i was in pdq getting coffee. we, the customers, huddled around the one-speaker radio behind the counter.

I thought of that too. Yesterday was my husbands birthday also. Needless to say, we didn’t feel like celebrating.

I was on my way to work in the car... at first I thought it was a joke. To my horror... it was NOT.

I was at home watching tv when the special bulletin came on...been horrified ever since :*( Hugs, my friend

Driving in my car.

I was working at Penney’s... a customer told me.. I just stared at her.. I thought she was kidding.. I didn’t know what to say.. the next couple of hours were fuzzy as I tried to finish my work so I could go home.. I don’t want to work tomorrow... I wish I were home with my mom right now..

I was preparing for my wedding which took place in the afternoon, feeling guilty to have this happiness when America and the world was/is in such utter turmoil.

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