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more on day 1

getting things in order

built the 2nd shelf and started moving the closet around to space it out and see if it will work.

cleaned my jewelry, which is now shining on the counter downstairs instead of dirty on my fingers.

cleaning my counters - now I have soft scrub to try and get the red soda off of the counter!

giving time to myself

I looked through my photo album at my NY trip - the pics of the World Trade Center were as beautiful as I remembered. I also browsed through the skyscraper book that I borrowed from my dad’s office (I bought it on my second NY trip for dad, but I’ve enjoyed looking through it more than him!)

My daily blog surfing is comforting to me - to realize how many people out there who would glady open their arms to me if I was ever in pain due to a tragedy.

Made myself lunch!

giving time to others

I posted some of my morning readings to si, to give some good thoughts to the girls there.

I’m working on a series of landscape pictures to share as peaceful desktops in this tumulous time. They are turning out beautifully.

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