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hungry and lbs

I’m so hungry. I have been for days. At first, I thought it was PMSyness, but that’s over. I’ve been starving since 10:30, and I ate at 7 like normal. I’m trying not to snack. 2 or 3 M&Ms and a cherry coke only. I’ve gained 5lbs in the last month, and I’ve been eating like 100% healthier. I used to eat out 2-4 times a week for lunch. I’ve eaten out 2-4 times in the entire month, and instead, have had sandwiches, fruit, bagels, yogurt, veges, etc. Good stuff, right? I still splurge on ice cream with dinner a few times a week, but that’s cutting back over what I was doing. And we are going out to dinner on the weekends, but that’s normal. Why am I having an awful time fitting into my jeans then? :sigh: I want to not get bigger - I like fitting into my jeans instead of making awful marks on my tummy.

But I’m starving. Its almost lunch time. PB&J on potato bread, with all natural PB. A 99% fat free yogurt. A cucumber and an apple. if that’s not enough, I have a bagel with yuck lowfat cream cheese, and at last resort, microwave popcorn, the homestyle kind instead of high butter kind. Make the clock go faster!!!

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