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Rina and a muslim girl

Rina said:

I saw Bush talking from a mosque today. Never before have I realized how important an image that is. There is a Muslim girl in my major. I don’t know her name, but we’ve talked a few times. She wears the headdress, but American clothing. Wore, I should say. Today, instead of her headdress, she had her hair pulled up into a blue cap. I almost burst into tears. Why shouldn’t she be able to follow the customs of her religion? Why must she change because of the idiots in the world? Three-five days a week for the last three years, I have seen her with her traditional wrap. And now it’s a baseball cap. <.sigh> I’m horrified.
This is one of the things that makes me saddest about any sort of a conflict between countries. So many people get caught in the crossfire, and when I read this, a tear came to my eyes - poor girl can’t even do her normal every day routine because she’s scared. So very sad.


How sad that she felt she could not wear her headdress. The more I hear about incidents like that the more I want to wear one myself out of support for them. My only fear is that I might offend someone by doing that. Hmmm...

That is just sad. It makes me so angry. I watch things like this morning’s moment of silence followed by our National Anthem on GMA this morning and I cry with pride for this country. And then I read personal stories of those who are now afraid because of the ignrance that still runs rampant here and I cry for shame. It is perverse how some can turn Patriotism into lynch-mob mentality.

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