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Yesterday, E and I went out shopping. We got beautiful shelves for behind my desk in my craft room/closet!!! They look marvelous - we got the same stackies that I used to build the shelf - 4 of the horizontal ones which are on top of each other, and 2 of the vertical ones to use as a taller pillar of shelves. All white. So they match, and they hold shoebox size rubbermaid containers and that type of thing just perfectly!

So we sorted, and E built shelves, and we watched Hercules (we own all of the McDonalds plates and eat on them almost every day, but hadn’t seen the movie!) and cuddled, and it was a good day. smile

So now, I’m sorting boxes to put them neatly, and I’ll be doing that off and on this week. Hopefully I’ll have most of it sorted and won’t just have to stash it in the garage this weekend!

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