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all night!

I finally had a night where I slept all night long! I’ve had such troubles lately with waking up in the middle of the night, getting up and surfing, and then napping on the couch until I have to get up. It keeps me sleepy. So I woke up at one point, and told myself to go back to sleep, and it worked! I still got up a bit early, but 7.5 hrs sleep is better than what I’ve been getting lately smile

I had another very vivid dream about having to go back to WWC to retake the last few classes that I dreamt I had flunked. It was so clear, I woke up really thinking I had 3 classes to take. And this time, my dad had me taking a box of 1" brown nylon, and he was concerned that I couldn’t keep it in my freezer. Uhhhh... don’t understand that. I realize that all of this is connected to Megan. She starts her first day of classes there this morning smile I’m really excited and nervous for her - I remember the feeling of worrying if I was gonna make it on time and to the right place for my classes. She has classes that aren’t as far spread out as my first day, luckily. smile

I just noticed that my scale got bumped and wasn’t at zero before I stood on it, so I just lost 3 lbs before I started typing this! woo hoo! :giggle:

I went to bed worrying about the activities that we will do with my in-laws this coming weekend. E thinks Ape Caves with my family. But its further away. I am not coming up with another brilliant idea, though. And they keep saying that they just want to sit and look at us because they miss us. BLAH! Nobody’s helpful! I apparently have to come up with it myself because otherwise, they’ll sit there and say "well, what are we doing today, Kristine?" blah! smile Shoot, as I was looking through pages about Ape Caves, I just remembered seeing a picture in E’s parents photo album. They’ve already been there! Blah. Now I have to think of another idea. Maybe just the Rose Garden, but that won’t take all day. I’d like to go up to Crown Point, but I think I heard it was closed right now.

My office room is really getting neater. The box pile has gotten way smaller, and stuff is being so organized. Way cool smile I’ll work on more of it tonight, and then definitely on Wednesday, when I must clean from top to bottom! I’ve got a good start on it, though. Yay!

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