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about your journal survey

Steal this Survey!

I’m inspired by Bethie and Leesa, who like to make up surveys. I thought I’d make one up because I would love to hear peoples answers. Feel free to post it on your page or in my comments smile

My journal’s name is hopelessromantics

I call it this because i am a hopeless romantic and see things through this light

I’ve changed the name never

I’ve changed the location never

I’ve had an online journal since April 2000

I have a tendancy to open up my entire self on my journal

My layout changes not very often

I like reading journals that are by friends of mine or people who I hope will become friends - rather than people who are distant and just write exquisitly

[Edited to add a list of people I’ve seen doing this survey:

Catharsis, Blue Roses, Pure Sugar, Suckatash, Cluttered Life, Slackerbaby, Joy Unspeakable, Shamrock Songs, Sometimes I..., Contradictions. I bet I’ll add a few more if I see them later smile I’m liking this survey!!]


Posted it in my log smile

I feel like jumping right on the bandwagon and making up my own survey!

I did it - and have found lots of others who are jumping on this little survey, too!

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