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cityscape: you can help!

"Ever since I’ve been able to drive I have had a facination with city skylines. From all different sides of the city there are unique formations of buildings, but there are always recognizable shapes and patterns. This excites me. Seeing the different cities people surf the internet from also has a certain "cool" factor that makes me giddy as well. "

This is way neato. I want to submit some of mine. I have some great city pictures. For many different places. Sara should submit her philly pic from her last layout, I loved that. I’ll have to look through my pictures and see what I’ve got smile

Oh, I found this from Melanie smile


girl - i would but it’s not a picture i took! i just messed around with it in photoshop. but, i can see those buildings from where i live this year, so i’ll take some of mine and submit them. woo!

Thanks for posting that. I just sent over a bunch of photos from Chicago!

Oooh, he’ll be happy to get some new submissions! I submitted that photo in the middle of last year, just before I moved to NC.

Thank you for the publicity! I have 2 new submissions today, all thanks to you. You Rock!

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