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mom and money rants

I don’t understand...

why does she think that when she’s low on money, she doesn’t have to pay me? "Oh, Kristine’ll just have to wait until next week... " They are so far behind, and they didn’t even try and get caught up in the good season. We could be earning a buttload of interest on that money while we are saving for a house. :sigh: I know it frustrates E, but if they don’t have money, it doesn’t do me any good to bring 25 paychecks to the bank - they won’t cash 'em. They had to get my check signed off by a supervisor last time because it had such an old date. :sigh:

It annoys me quite a bit that she is now annoyed at me because dad didn’t tell me exactly what time he’ll be home. Um, hello, he’s a salesman, he doesn’t know exactly how much time he’ll need to spend in each store! Not to mention exactly how long it will take to drive from Tacoma home. There are so many variables. So why does she feel the need to be mad at ME because I don’t know, and I told her that? I really don’t like that.

Some of this is because I’m PMSy, but she just grates on my nerves until I don’t have any left. :sigh:

BUT, It’s Friday. That means very soon, I have a whole weekend before I’ll have to think about work stuff again. thank goodness.


*hugs* i’m sorry you have to deal with this kristine. stay strong. i hope things all work out. and most of all - enjoy your weekend sweetie.


Awwwwwwwwwww I am thinking and praying for you!

I hope you have a wonderful weekend. smile

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