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cleaning at home alone

Last night, I had the pleasure of going home early. And being home alone. That makes for a terrific combination because I tend to accomplish a whole lot. I got home at 5 something and E didn’t get home till 7, so I had almost 2 hours to clean with a bit of surfing and emails in between ;)

I cleaned the bathroom really nicely; floors, sinks, counters, shower. I just did the toilets the other day, and I forgot to do the mirrors, but everything else looked sparkely. I did two loads of laundry, which E folded after I went to bed. I made delicious pasta salad and fresh brownies. Cleaned the kitchen up pretty nice before hand, and then this morning, I did the dishes so I could shine my sink. I didn’t make it to the office room yet, but I’m baby-stepping along through the house smile I’ll make it all nice yet!

Being home alone has its advantages. But its nice to welcome E home with fresh food and a clean house! smile

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