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email issues

am I an idoit? Do I really make no sense? This is the transcript of 3 days worth of tech support tickets. I copied it because when they get annoyed at me, they clear out the messages that I’ve sent so that they can’t feel like morons when they aren’t fixing it.

Please tell me - do I have a valid complaint?? I want my frickin mail! Its all sitting there in the file, and if I wanted to read between the long headers, I could do that. But its hundreds of emails. I want to be able to read it normally in OE. Blech.


What is with all the smileys your hosting company sends with their messages? That seems very unprofessional.

I don’t think you are an idiot at all. You have a valid complaint and they are not resolving it. You are providing them with all the information you have. They should be able to fix this, especially considering you have made no changes on your end that would result in this problem.

Maybe you should call them and try talking to support. If that person can’t help you, ask for their manager. Keep asking until you are talking to the CEO if necessary!

Good luck!

Leia, I thought it was just me that thought the smilies were inapproriate for the conversations.

Thank you - I really was starting to get paranoid that maybe I wasn’t doing something I should have. I think calling might be more likely to get me a reply. THANK YOU!!! smile

ugh! what idiots. definitely call them, and refuse to hang up until you can log into your email.

there needs to be a BBB for the internet, so that things like this can be reported to some singular place and kept track of.

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