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dark sunrise

I love watching the sky turn from pitch black to having color in it. You can only see vague outlines of the houses and trees outside. And then slowly, slowly, the color blends into the objects and the warmth of the sky envelopes the ground.

I painted this a while back but never have shared it. When you first look at it, its really dark. Then you look closer. I love the sensation because that’s how looking out my window this morning was.


click for the larger picture

[edited: I lightened up this picture a bit because its much darker on my monitor at work than at home. smile ]


kristine - that’s beautiful! and i know what you’re talking about. i love that time of day. and i loved it so much that it’s on my desktop now!

I thought I was insane. Try as I might, all I could see was a big black square. I squinted and stared, but to no avail. Finally, I stuck the image in PSP and turned the brightness up to 150 to see what I was missing. Yes! Now I know what you mean. I guess I don’t equate it with the beauty and peace that you do though. I think mainly of really wishing the baby would go back to sleep. ;o) Thank you for sharing your lovely artwork yet again. I still have you daisy on my desktop. :o)

Thanks, Sara smile

And Hilary, it looks nice on my monitor at home, but then when I got to this one, its almost totally black. Maybe it needs to be lightened a BIT mor ;) I can see how our perspectives on the sunrise could be totally different, too! smile

Yep, I just saw black too. Took it into PSP and that is a wonderful painting chickie!

Kristine! That is beautiful! You are so talented... I only dream of painting something like that. Did you frame it? I would definitely frame it and hang it on my wall. smile

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