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Aug5 plans

Good morning smile

(I’m so used to boards instead of blogs that I’d really like it if my smiley would turn into a real smiley when I post, and if I could type :bounce: and have a little bouncey frog turn up!)

I’ve surfed my blogs and read some posts and caught up on my email - its amazing how you don’t get email when you turn off the list that gives you 150 posts a day that you are used to! smile Not a bad thing, I wasn’t really participating at the moment anyhow. I’ll keep it turned off for a while and concentrate on other things.

I just scratched my head with a pen, so I probably have green lines on my scalp now ;)

E needs a cooler. I need a little record book for my car to write down milage and stuff. We need some groceries. E needs a planner of some sort. I need to drive. We’ll go out to eat. I need to pay bills. That’s the main things that need to be done. So that requires showering and getting dressed. (as opposed to yesterday!)

I’d like to do some more computer stuff - I should start the transfer over to my new hosting company today. I have a ton of css that I want to work on. I could watch What About Bob cuz I borrowed it from Lisa!

Megan went and got her computer yesterday. She called, so excited! I can’t wait to see how it all works and stuff smile Lisa’s bday party was last night. Oh yeah, I need to go to Michaels and get some stuff for her birthday. This will be her last full week at work, she’s doing a terrific job. I need to talk to dad about giving her a raise for last week and this week so that she ends up with a bit more money because she worked SO hard this summer.

E came to the bedroom last night carrying a candle (at like 2:45!). I’m not quite sure why, but it was weird... I went back to sleep immediately.

And that’s the end of my plans for the day. I hope to get some relaxing time in between that stuff, and as much computer time as I can find smile Have a great Sunday, everyone!

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