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still 71+

I hate it when its too hot to sleep. The weather bug says it 71, which means its at least 76 upstairs. Blech.


76 is too hot to sleep?! LOL I’ve been sleeping down in the guest room, where it’s a cool 75, because it hits 87 in my room at night. (I got this awesome new CD player/alarm clock/radio for school, and it gives me the temperature in the room. It’s fun - gotta love Sharper Image!)

Is 76 really too hot for you? That’s burrowing under covers temp for me!

It was totally sweltering, doll - I don’t know how hot it was, but we had the window open and the fan wasn’t doing any good - all I was doing was tossing and turning and sweating. Blech. It was much nicer downstairs smile I napped there for an hour!

72? That’s downright chilly for this time of year. We’re lucky to have 90 be the evening temp here in Kansas City. [grin]

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