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happy anniversary to us!

Today is the day. I’ve been married for a whole year. I guess that makes me an old married lady instead of a newlywed, huh?

Here’s what happened last year: Wedding Day Recap

And here’s a few highlights smile

eric sees me for the first time

I am still just totally in love with Eric and count myself so lucky to have found a soulmate, best friend, and husband in one :bigsappysmile:


Happy Anniversary, darlin'!

XOXOXO! smile

Happy anniverary, girl! Many many MANY happy returns. smile)


much happiness to the 2 of you! i’m so glad you’re enjoying each other so much.

Happy Anniversary again! : -) Hey I sent you an ecard, please hollar if you didn’t get it. I think the cardshop was being funky.

Enjoy your night!!! ; -)


I have to tell you that I absolutely love that picture of the two of y'all, right as you’re about to kiss. So cute!

Happy Anniversary!

Thank you for sharing your lives with us, I love reading the journal leading up to the wedding!!

smile *HUGS*


Happy Anniversay Kristine and Eric....You all deserve the best inthe world and all the happiness life can give you...

Those wedding photos are beautiful, Kristine! Congratulations to you both! Speaking as someone who has celebrated a first anniversary (and will celebrate a 2nd one soon), there is something so special about anniversaries. Some kind of magic in the air. I’m so happy for you guys. ((hugs))

Happy Anniversary to you both! smile I hope you continue to celebrate your love for many years to come.

Happy Anniversary, Kristine!! Hope this is the first of many, many happy years together.

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