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afternoons alone

Worst part about being in the office alone: nobody to cover the phone when you go the the potty (which sucks when I again am trying to drink a 4 1/2 cup thing of water over the course of the day)

Best part about being in the office alone: no one just heard me singing along with Sarah on Possession ;)

And I’ve got 3 weeks of this? wow. Lisa’s at Camp this week, getting ready for school next week, and back to the school the week after. Annette starts her schedule which includes afternoons on September 4th. Can I make it? smile


mmm.. Possession is such a good song to sing along to.. one time at my old work (Rite-Aid) it was around 8:30-ish at night and it was playing on the Musak so I was walking through the aisles straightening and singing along b/c there weren’t any customers in the store (or so I thought) and I come around a corner and there’s this guy standing there and he just smiles and says.. "nice".. I think my face turned crimson! I was so embarrassed!

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