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random rambley post...

My anniversary was nice smile I have flowers on my desk - gorgeous red roses that I was brought last night when E got here to pick me up. He took me out to Red Robin, which was super-delicious!! I had their delicious teriakyi chicken burger (minus tomato, thank you very much) and cherry coke and bottomless fries, and it was SO yummy - they do such nice work there! And then, for a special treat, we shared the mile-high mud pie. Oh god, I can’t believe we ate it all - it was perfect!

I’ve had major sleeping problems lately, and I wake up in the middle of the night and then can’t go back to sleep for quite some time. I typically take short naps on the couches and futons in between, but its never enough. So last night, I went RIGHT to sleep when we got home. :sigh: sad anniversary celebration. But waking up at 2:45 isn’t very happy either. So I’m tired today.

Work is crazy today. The boys are being morons. They are being deliberately inaccurate with their corrections for invoices - not writing things down and being argumentative when we ask them about it - "we hate this new system. Nothing will be right until we go back to Quickbooks". Oh yeah, that’s not even an option. Freaks. I’m trying to figure out how on earth we are missing 800 plastic 1" buckles. We only use 450 a month, and I can account for every major bundle we’ve made last month since we got 1000. It doesn’t make any sense. I’m not working as hard as I should. Lethargic feelings and sleepyness don’t help with that!

I worked on the picture for Blue Perspective this morning - I ended up starting from scratch because I didn’t like how it was working out. I like it better this time, but I’m not sure if Jenn will. She will, I don’t know why I’m being a dork ;) I’ll finish it tonight and email it to her. Hopefully. I say things like that, and then I’m late already. But I forgot to put it on my zip disk this morning, so I don’t have it with me!

I added a few new songs to my girlmix - I should go edit that entry - Jenn recommended Liz Phair, and I like what I’ve heard so far smile

I’m trying to reply to a few emails that I’ve gotten over the last weeks or so - I’ve been behind. But I love the nice emails I’ve gotten, even when I don’t reply as fast as normal people ;) I got a lot of nice cards and notes about my anniversary, and I’ll reply to all of you super sweet people as soon as I get the chance - I love you sweetypies!

Oh, I need to put up my Aortal link of the week, too. I think I have two more ready to put up, and then I’ll need to think of some more smile I really like doing this because there are some people out there who deserve SO much applause for what they’ve give to the internet community as a whole.

Okay, my stuff post is getting long, and its scattery due to the fact I’ve been working on it all morning! More fast bloggy notes to follow, as always smile

*~~~~~ blowing kisses~~~~


Happy anniversary! I’m glad you had a nice time. Ours is on the 27th. I love Red Robin! Haven’t been there for ages. My friend Angie (Taylor’s mom) just started working for their corporate office here in Denver so she gets free food there! I should hang out with her more. Hehe!

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