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how fast can you type?

While I was surfing instead of cleaning, I found EasyType - you can see how fast you can type. Which is slower for me now that I have an ice cube attached to my finger for the owwie I gave myself trying to take dinner out of the oven!

I am pretty sure it was a slow night for me, because I’ve tested much faster (in the ninety-hundred range), but tonight I got 79WPM and 3EPM - I backspace faster than anyone I’ve ever heard, so the EPM should be a bit higher and the WPM should be, too smile Check it out - what did you get?


Holy shit, you read my mind! I was just talking to another friend of mine on ICQ tonight, casually wondering how fast I typed. She offered to send me her typing program, but I just wanted something I could go to on the Net! Coolness.

Whee, I got an 89 smile

i scored a measly 45 - but with 0 epm. still, not bad considering i don’t type the "right" way smile

so you don’t put your fingers on the right keys? ;)

holla! whats up everybody? i am a newcomer here so nice to meet yall
buh bye ; )

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