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what day is it?

wow. I’m such a dork.

I woke up this morning at 4:50ish, I was kinda sad because I had wanted to sleep in. I sat at my computer and started to leisurely read blogs and posts. I was so excited because I had a lot of projects I wanted to work on this morning. Then E came into the office - I asked him what he was doing up, and he mumbled something and I said I’d go snuggle him back to sleep, it was too early. I fell asleep in the process, but I’d been so tired, I thought it was okay. Next thing I know, E’s waking me up. I blink madly, trying to look at the clock. 6:30? I asked him why he was waking me up. "Work?" he said. "No, it’s Saturday." says me. "It’s Friday." he says. I close my eyes and think for a minute. Did I do paychecks yesterday? Nope. Oh shit, it really is Friday. And I’m way late!

Shower, shower, shower... makeup, makeup, makeup... clothes, clothes, clothes. teeny bowl of fast cereal. no lunch. no finishing the rest of the email. no nice icy water. :sigh: I made him late for his early day at work, and I really didn’t think it was Friday until he said that.

So my head is all confuzzled and my brain is fuzzy from napping. But I’m at work, and there’s lots to do. Goodness, what a way to start the day!!!!

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