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O sexy pics

O sexculsive shots

I don’t know the story of Othello, but now I see why this movie has been delayed... I just know it has cast members who I love, include the fabulous Julia Stiles. I’m so tempted to make a desktop with some of these pictures.... (or any pics of Julia 2 3 ;) ) And I can’t wait to see the movie smile


I used to love Julia until I heard that during her appearance on Leno, she called the ladies who worked at her university cafeteria "hairy mole women". That, to me, just makes her yet another stuck up little starlett with no consideration for the rest of the humans on this planet. I feel bad for the women, probably trying to support families, who had to serve such rude little rich children as Julia. And the fact that I LOVE Othello (especially Desdemona), just makes me that much more ill.

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