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de do dee dooo!

That is the noise I heard at 2:15. de do DEE DOOOO! That’s the noise that 3com cable modems make when they disconnect and then are trying to reconnect. de do DEE DOOOO! 2:15-3:00, I tried to ignore it and go back to sleep, but it woke me up enough that then I laid there thinking and that interupted my sleep. de do DEE DOOOO! I went downstairs to sleep on the futon, to get away from the noise. It was quieter, but I woke up by 3:45. de do DEE DOOOO! I laid on the futon for a little while longer, before I went upstairs. By 4:15, the noise had stopped - I was able to get online and read about half of my daily blogs and a few si posts, and then de do DEE DOOOO! Blargh.

So that noise is ringing in my sleepy ears. Wake me up when its lunch time??! smile


Man, you can’t turn the sound off on your modem??

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