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mcdonalds monopoly

McDonald’s Monopoly game was rigged, U.S. charges

LAW ENFORCEMENT AUTHORITIES said those arrested were charged with fixing the outcome of McDonald’s Monopoly, Who Wants to Be a Millionaire and other McDonald’s promotional games by controlling the distribution of the high-value prize pieces, such as the $1 million grand prize.

My goodness. No one tell my little brother, because he has really thought every year that he just might get the winning one. This kinda crap makes me mad.


I put that in my blog today, too - and just found it in Khara’s! Sounds like we’re all ticked. I probably have an extra 10 lbs. tucked away somewhere just trying to win the stupid prizes...

McDonalds website is having problems recognizing codes, I put in 6 online codes today and got an error #000 and then it said the codes had been used. I think we should all boycott McDonalds (after monopoly is over).

it is so gay everry time i try to enter a code on the monopoly website it tells me for security purposes to write the letters i see but i can’t see any letters so l cant even get passed that stupid page.