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evacuation quiz

Today’s flylady message had the following question:

Imagine that you have to evacuate your home in 30 minutes. What would you take with you?

What would you take?

I’ll be back to add my thoughts on this smile


assuming my mother, sister, and two cats were already out? yes, let’s assume that. i’d take my box of pictures and negatives, the things i have in my room that used to belong to my father, the stuffed dog he won for me at a carnival, my viola, my violin, a handful of sheet music from my two music drawers, my old manuscript books with my own original music, my cpu, my senior yearbook, my school scrapbook, my spain scrapbook, our baby books, mom’s wedding photo album, the music box from italy that used to be my great-grandmother’s....

hey, i can do a LOT in 30 minutes. just give me an open trunk or the bed of a pickup truck and i’ll make some magic.

My Kitty Max would be my main priority. Once I had him safe, I would get a box and fill it with things that mean a lot to me - like presents and letters from family and friends. Then I would pack up my CPU, throw some of my data cd’s in the box, some disks too, my digital camera and my old cliffy LP’s plus a few things I have collected.

Max is what is most important to me though. smile

The babies, of course. Then the dog. After that, the important papers and the photo albums and baby books. I would probably allot 3-4 minutes for each room to decide what was most important and get it out of there. Like in the kitchen, I’d grab an old cookbook my mom had as a kid in which many handwritten family recipes reside. In my bedroom, I might grab clothes out of the closet and my old teddy bear. Etc etc etc. The list goes on. Thirty minutes is a lot of time, especially since we have both a truck and a car to haul everything away in.

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