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closet post 1

I’ve spent a lot of my day working on my closet project. If you are interested in checking out what I want to do with my office closet, visit

Closet: before


Closet: after

Today, I sorted quite a few of the boxes, and we removed the closet doors. I’ll be bringing my floorplans to work tomorrow to show Annette because she’s got a vast amount of knowledge when it comes to this kind of stuff smile Do you have any ideas? Please leave me some comments smile

I’ll be posting updates here as I get further on the project.


I dont know if this would work but have you called local lumber yards/stores to see if they have cheep doors for sale? You could cut it to size and do what you wanted to w/it... umm.... long extension cords can be tucked away w/cilips that pin it above the baseboard... i can’t think of anymore.... good luck smile

i think your plans for your closet look fabulous and it seems like you have thought things out well.

i hope putting it all together goes smoothly and quickly.

love you!

You’ve been a busy chickie I see. I do like the second one smile

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