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survey I found from rina-bean

survey I found from rina-bean and lovely leesa smile

top 5 movies that i never ever get tired of:

- Armegeddon

- Entrapment

- Tommy Boy

- Sound of Music

- What About Bob?

(and Pretty Women & Dirty Dancing!)

top 5 songs i’m obsessing over(@ this moment):

- Let Her Feel the Rain - Tara MacLean

- Turn Out the Lights - Nelly Furtado

- Spring Haze - Tori Amos

- Live for Real - K’s Choice

- Ten Cent Wings - Jonatha Brook

anybody need these mp3s so they can enjoy them to? let me know, and I’ll upload them smile

top 5 fave articles of clothing:

- Red Old Navy V-Neck soft polo shirt

- Newest jeans (guys Wranglers smile )

- pink flowered undies

- black see through bra

- happy bright yellow shirt

top 5 most precious celebs(to me right now):

- Alyson Hannigan

- Freddie Prinze, Jr.

- Julia Stiles

- Drew Barrymore

- Harrison Ford

- Angelina Jolie

top 5 celebs i’m completely sick of:

- Mariah Carey

- Christina Aguilara

- Jennifer Lopez

- Chris Rock


OOH! I would love some mp3s smile Only, if it’s not too much trouble, I love new music!

that was 6 celebs, cheater. tounge out hehe.. BTW, I’m a bad friend! I’ll send your cd out late next week cuz monday’s labor day, I work 9-5 tuesday, I have class all day wednesday, I work 9-5 thurs.. so probably friday.. it’s all package up and ready to go! sorry it’s taking me so long!! sad

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