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Back again

After not being able to figure out why Greymatter wouldn’t work, even after they switched my server, I finally solved the mystery - my hosting company screwed up the chmods on the archive files. I’m still having issues with the overall system, so I’ve decided to start fresh. I’ll still link to my old archives, but I won’t have nearly so many things to rebuild.

In this move, I’m changing a few things. First and formost, I’m using PHP to pull in some of my content. This may slow down the journal a teeny bit, but the no-graphics/css-only format will still keep it fast smile I’ll be pulling in my daily reads list (so I don’t have to rebuild the files every time I change), my AORTAL side-blog, and my stortrooper. I may add other things, so it made the most sense to me to change the link to .phtml. If you were linking to either http://www.love-productions.com/hopelessromantics/index.html or http://www.love-productions.com/hopelessromantics/hr/index.php, please modify your links. I apologize in advance. For those of you who were linking to http://www.love-productions.com/hopelessromantics, you don’t have to do a thing smile

I hope to have this up and running tomorrow, so I can start posting much more regularly. I’ve really been growing over the last month, and although I have been journaling at my alternative site (hopefulreflections), I have missed my easier-to-post-little-things format that I have over here.

Thank you for your patience smile I will be letting you know, but I’m pretty sure I’ll be moving to a different hosting company and won’t be able to post for a few days. Thanks, friends smile


YAY! Welcome home!!! smile

Kristine, you rock! I was just thinking to myself that I need to do the same thing with my blog - it’s just getting too cumbersome rebuilding all those files all the time. I’ll have to research the whole PHP thing, which I was already thinking to begin with.

BTW - Welcome back. I missed this layout!

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