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music themes

I’ve started out each of the last few weeks with music themes.

July 16 - Loud music for energy

July 23 - calming girl music

This morning, I’m starting out with some pop music for fun. I’ve got two new NSync songs - Pop and The Game is Over. But I don’t have nearly as much pop music so this won’t last too long. Let’s see, a couple Britney songs, some Eve 6, and 3Doors Down Kryptonite.

Yeah, then I’ll add some new girl music to my girlmusic mix smile Melanie went and saw Jess Klein this weekend, and so I found one of her songs. I’ve got a few Jonatha Brooke because I’ve heard she is great. Dar Williams and another Ani DiFranco. I’m expaning my music to include some of my new friends favorite loves smile There are some great things out there that I’ve never even heard of.

And look, I’m way far out in the types of music I listen to LOL! from NSync to Jess Klein?! smile


mmm.. love love love Jonatha.. I made Danica a Jonatha mix cd b/c she’d never heard of her, either. If you want a copy of it, just let me know. smile

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