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kitchen organization

Because I had a friend who wanted to know how we set up our kitchens, I had to make a drawing smile Here’s what I told Ms. Erica, who I totally am in awe of because of her yoga knowledge!!!!!! smile

When I arranged my kitchen this time, I spent quite a lot of time rearranging. I have two counters that face each other, one with the stove on it, and the other with the refridge and I’m gonna have to draw a picture!

click for a better pic

I put things near where they would be used. Mixer accessories under the mixer, mixing bowls above. Pots and pans next to the stove, pot holder in drawer next to stove. plastic baggies in drawer beneath canned goods and lunch food. silverware under toaster next to refridge. tupper ware above and below that. cups, plates bowls right above dishwasher. Try to make it logical - put things in the places by where you’ll use them most.

I can’t wait to check out the other links that zalary posted in reply to her as well smile

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