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Lisa's driving restrictions

My poor sister was born a month too late... These rules take into effect this weekend:
Teens race to get licenses: Starting Sunday, rules restrict young drivers' passengers, hours

These new rules include the requirement of having your permit for 6 months before getting your intermediate license, which also has the requirements of:
"In their first six months as a licensed driver, teens can’t drive with passengers younger than 20 unless they are immediate family. They also can’t drive between 1 a.m. and 5 a.m. without a licensed driver 25 or older in the car. After one year without any collisions or tickets, or at age 18, teen drivers will be allowed to drive without the limitations. "

So Lisa started drivers ed last week; got her permit on the 21st, I think. So she won’t now get her intermediate license until December!!! And she’ll be 16 on August 2. Poor girl.

The rules make sense though, give the young drivers more time to practise instead of just being out and on the road after a teeny bit of drivers ed.


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Yeah, I think they make sense, too. I would like to use myself and my Sister as examples, if I may. *g*

Ewwwe what a bummer. Kinda glad Alaska doesn’t have that rule. Im sure I will change my mind when my son is ready to drive *lol*

Here in Canada, or at least Ontario, we have what is called a graduated licensing system which sounds like what your state or country *g* is going to implement. I’m old, so it never affected me, but I really do think it is a great idea. And it affects everyone no matter how old they are, meaning if they get their license at 26, they still have to follow the graduated system (from what I understand). Too many accidents on the roads, too many people dying or becoming disabled because of inexperienced drivers. Though one can say the experienced cause the same amount. I ramble smile

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