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tired post

I haven’t been in a very bloggy mood today - I’m really tired and feeling very fluttery today. I haven’t started on the pills that should change anything yet, though. Why am I so scattery and stressed?

I owe several people emails. I got such support over the last few days, and I really want to take the time to reply.

I worked on a new graphics set last night. I cut it up in Image Ready and tried to use the HTML it generated for me. That’s silly because I end up spending more time trying to tweak it for my uses and then trash it and code it from hand anyhow *g* I really like this one. I actually have a sketch going of another one here on my desk, too - but at any given time, I have probably 10 or so in process anyhow smile That makes me happy. smile

I need to call my sister. Then again, I don’t want to wait for her to come home, cuz I need sleep. I wonder what hours she’s working.

Ack! I must get back to work. Flitter flutter goes the heart!!!


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i can so relate to the Image Ready thing. I always do the same thing. heh.

Hi Kristine !smile I haven’t left a note before.. but the pills (if they are for depression?) will work soon.. and when they do.. the cloud lifts and it’s beautiful! *hugS*

Hmmm, pass some of those sets over here! I’m sure my frequent visitors are disappointed about my lack of new since the beginning of May sad

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