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cheryl's dream

Wow, its really scary to hear that Cheryl had a dream that I died. I hope your nightmares end, darling.

Probably the weirdest dream I’ve had about bloggers was about Carol’s wedding. I think that Cheryl and I went together in my dream. It was very elaborate and I kept loosing my seat because there were so many seats - every time I got up, I couldn’t find my way back to my seat smile I’m guessing Carol’s wedding wasn’t really *that* big, but it was still weird!


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It was scary for me, too! I woke up so worried about you! Maybe I was stressing on your behalf about your appointment! I’m just glad you’re ok! smile

You know, they say that when someone dreams that you’re going to die, it means that you’re going to get married. If you’re already married, it means that you’re going to have a baby. Reading about your switch of birth control, maybe you should be extra careful, Kristine!!

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