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music to calm

To keep myself from stressing out this morning about my later on appointment, I’m playing some of my fav songs -

Sarah McLachlan’s Possession
Sarah Brightman’s Deliver Me (from the Brokedown Palace CD)
Tara McLean’s Divided
Leigh Nash’s Need to be Next to You
Joydrop’s Beautiful
K’s Choice’s Every Breath you Take
Sarah and Delierium’s Silence
Nina Gordon’s Tonight and the Rest of my Life
Tara McLean’s Let her feel the rain (which I downloaded this morning and am really liking!)

Then I’ll probably alternate between the Dido CD and my Tara CD. Yea for good music!

Talk about anxiety, I went to sleep with stomach pains and they were still there when I woke up this morning! I’m a dork!


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if you really like, "Let her feel the rain" I could burn you a copy of "Silence" so you can see if you like it before ya buy it.. (tho, I’m sure you’ll love it!) let me know!

Great music choices. I have lots of live Tara and Sarah McLachlan if you want some. wink

d'oh! currently having burner problems so that cd-r will hafta wait a couple weeks until HP sends me a new one!

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